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This website is intended for patients who have been prescribed Evenity®▼ (romosozumab) and have signed up to the support programme.
Information placed on this digital platform is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your doctor.

Programme Summary (website)

About My Bones & Me

More than just a website, My Bones & Me is a Patient Support Programme created by UCB to support you, and patients like you, who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and who have been prescribed Evenity®My Bones & Me is free and your participation in the programme is entirely voluntary.

The My Bones & Me programme is designed to help you get started on Evenity and stay on track with your injection routine by providing support and educational information throughout your 12-month treatment, and for up to 3 months after your Evenity treatment has ended. My Bones & Me is designed to provide supplemental support to help you to understand more about osteoporosis and to maintain your Evenity treatment plan prescribed by your doctor. The information provided in My Bones & Me is not medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You must consult your own healthcare provider for medical advice and make your medical decisions based upon their advice.


What can My Bones & Me do for me?

The programme includes a range of support options, which can be used individually or together, to suit your needs and preferences. The support may be information about osteoporosis, tips on fall prevention or on diet & exercise to support healthy bones, or about the Evenity medication, injection technique and injection reminder support. Such information and support can be provided to you via your choice of email, text message (SMS) and/or nurse support by qualified nurses employed by a homecare and nursing service provider, funded by UCB.

Upon your My Bones & Me registration, a My Bones & Me nurse will discuss support options with you, as follows: 

  • injection training related to your Evenity treatment in accordance with the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor
  • regular follow-up appointments as agreed with you to help with your understanding of osteoporosis and confidence to administer your Evenity treatment
  • Evenity medication reminders and/or nurse appointment reminders to you


How do I join the My Bones & Me Patient Support Programme?

The My Bones & Me support programme is intended only for patients who have been prescribed Evenity by their doctor. To register for My Bones & Me support, upon your receipt of your home delivery of Evenity, you will be contacted by the nursing team of the homecare provider who will help enroll you in the programme.


How do I leave the My Bones & Me Patient Support Programme?

Your participation in the My Bones & Me support programme is completely voluntary and you can end your participation at any time without giving any reason. If you are receiving My Bones & Me nurse support, you should inform your My Bones & Me nurse that you no longer want to continue receiving those nurse services.


UCB reserves the right without prior consultation to modify or to cancel the My Bones & Me Patient Support Programme to reflect technological advancements, legal and regulatory changes and changes in its business practices.



If you have any questions in relation to your participation in My Bones & Me, please contact us at UCBCares.