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This website is intended for patients who have been prescribed Evenity®▼ (romosozumab) and have signed up to the support programme.
Information placed on this digital platform is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your doctor.

What you should know about Evenity

There are four important things to remember about your treatment:

Please read the Patient Information Leaflet contained in your medication carton before taking Evenity.

How it works

How will this treatment help you?

Evenity contains romosozumab, a medicine that helps make bones stronger, and reduce the risk of broken bones

Why is it important to take the full course?

The treatment course of Evenity is 12 monthly doses. Each monthly dose is comprised of two injections (administered one immediately after the other).

Keep in mind: to ensure you get the full benefit of Evenity it's important to receive every monthly dose for 12 months and then discuss with your doctor the need to switch to a follow-on osteoporosis treatment after the end of your treatment with Evenity.