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This website is intended for patients who have been prescribed Evenity®▼ (romosozumab) and have signed up to the support programme.
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Preventing falls and bumps

As your bones are fragile due to osteoporosis, and your fracture puts you at increased risk of a fragility fracture in the future, it is important to make some changes to help prevent falls or bumping into things. You can make some simple changes to your home, and complete some health checks.

Home checklist:

  • Assess your living area for fall risks
  • Make adjustments that could help keep you from tripping

A fall prevention checklist is available from UCBCares®


Stairs can be hazardous. Make sure that you check for the following:

  • Is there any loose carpet?
  • Are any of the stairs uneven, or do they have a damaged surface?
  • Can you get this fixed or replaced?

Always take it slowly and carefully when going up and down stairs.


Bathtub – shower mats and handles

One place where falls can be a particular risk is in the bathroom. See if there are things you can do to make yours safer.

Getting in and out of the bath can be a fall risk, because it’s easy to slip on a wet surface. A rubber mat on the bottom of the bath can help prevent this.

Handles on the sides of the bath and/or the wall can provide support to hold onto as well.


Whether you’re at home, or out and about, always choose your footwear carefully. Wear shoes or slippers with a good grip and a low, or flat, heel. This can help prevent you losing your balance or slipping.


Is the lighting good enough for you to see clearly throughout your home?

Rugs and floor clutter

If rugs are not taped down, you can easily trip over them. Are they really needed, or can they be secured and taped down? Anything on the floor is a tripping hazard.

Get help from family or others to make some of these adjustments.

Watch out for your grandchildren’s toys. Remove or put away things on the floor.


If you have pets at home, be mindful they may pose a tripping hazard.

Also watch for pet dishes and toys, which are tripping hazards as well.

Include night lights throughout your home to help with lighting

Keeping an eye out

There are various ways you can help prevent falls. Making some modifications to your home is one.

Another step is related to health check-ups. It's not surprising that if your eyesight is impaired, then you are more likely to fall. You may not see things on the ground and therefore you are more likely to trip over them, or you may misjudge some steps if you can't see them clearly.

That's why it's so important to have regular eye tests and get visual disorders treated early.

Have your sight checked regularly, and remember your eyesight can be impacted by your alcohol intake

For example, research has shown that operating on cataracts early reduced fall rates by one third and also reduced fractures by over 70%, compared to waiting for a year.

So don't wait if you notice any changes in your vision. Make an appointment to see your optician straight away.